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Programs and Focus Areas

TEXroad concentrates on materials flows and characteristics, textile management infrastructures and company data to overcome roadblocks to circular textiles.

Paving the Way
to 2025

The separate collection of textiles will be mandatory across the EU in 2025. Municipalities, post-consumer textile entities and waste managers are now responsible for drastically increasing the quantity of textiles collected and handling them in a responsible way. This is impossible without data, insights and collaboration.


Our Paving the Way program brings these stakeholders together to find data-driven textile management solutions, develop best practices and communicate about circular textiles with citizens.

Circular Textile Data Flows

Crucial data for circular textiles is not accessible, inaccurate, or simply doesn't exist. To make matters worse, projects and digital platforms describe the same information in different ways, locking data in silos and reinventing the wheel. If we all spoke the same language right now, we could progress faster and access critical data in real time. This program works to standardise data within today’s leading projects and digital platforms and launch a digital network to unleash the power of data for rapid transformation.

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