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Who We Are

The TEXroad foundation delivers data, insights, and metrics to transform the textile industry. We focus on minimising the carbon footprint and maximising the human and economic value of textiles.

Mission and Focus

Our mission is to open the flow of standardised data and use it to align the public and private sectors, develop critical knowledge, and define incentives for textile circulation.

Focus of our work:

  • Use data to build and update textile collection and management systems

  • Apply data, statistics, and metrics in business and policy making contexts

  • Co-develop and validate a standard data model for B2G and B2B data exchanges

How We Began

TEXroad was a concept initiated from the work of Reverse Resources and developed through a collaboration with REvolve Waste. We then assembled the TEXroad team who provided their time, insights and expertise during our time within the Accelerate Estonia program. 

Today the TEXroad Foundation is incorporated as a Dutch Stichting and acts as a neutral party to develop standardised data flows for circular business and policy.

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