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Circular Textile Data Flow

Increase the speed and success of circular textiles by making data accurate, accessible, inter-operable and available in real time


Active, accepting new partners in Europe

Who can join

Projects, digital tools and platforms, ministries, organisations managing or supporting circular textile projects



  • Decrease time needed for basic materials estimates and reverse logistics data management

  • Increase usage of results from European projects

  • Accelerate R&D and solutions scale up through open access tools and data resources

  • Pilot and launch a network for B2B and B2G data exchange



  • Partners define individual needs

  • TEXroad customises the Data List for partner use

  • Materials data for partners is managed in a private database

  • Partners receive support for materials estimates, pilot projects, or other specific needs

  • Option to join working group to co-develop open access resources

  • Option join TEXroad data exchange pilots



  • Save time by using an existing list of data fields, formats and values

  • Easily adopt international data standards when they become available

  • Get one-on-one support for project specific needs

  • Manage project data in a private database

  • Learn from other projects and co-develop resources

  • Access relevant data sets, statistics and metrics

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