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Paving the Way to 2025

Using separate collection in 2025 as a catalyst, we work with municipalities and their textile partners to take action on textiles. These Best Practices are the basis of this program.


Active, accepting new participants in Estonia, Finland and the Netherlands

Who can join

Local governments, ministries, textile collectors and sorters, waste managers and organisations supporting these entities



  • Build strong partnerships for textiles and improve local pilot project results with good data

  • Learn from other municipalities and regions

  • Increase textile reuse, recycling and transparency

  • Participants also set region-specific goals



  • Define local and national textile needs, influences and existing data

  • Set a baseline for the current state of post-consumer textile management and define targets

  • Implement quarterly textile flow reporting for collectors, sorters and other textile stakeholders

  • Analyse data and identify trends, metrics and practices​ locally and compared with other regions

  • Increase what's working, address challenges and measure results over time

  • Engage national and EU level public sector to highlight  opportunities, needs and concerns



  • Data-driven textile collection systems and projects are more effective​

  • Monthly team sessions keep participants connected and learning from one another

  • Local authorities working together have a stronger influence at the national level

  • Collaboration across multiple regions provides broader insights

  • Transparency for citizens is only possible with good data

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