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5 Big Questions

We look at existing textiles as resources and map the current infrastructure that handles them. The answers to our 5 big questions provide an aerial view to address the economic and climate challenges in today's system. 


What is it?

Identify the textile materials or products and define the uses and characteristics, e.g. size, color, fiber composition, construction, etc


Where is it?

Specify the geographic location of the textiles, including address, country, and region

Who has it?

Identify the entities who own and manage the textiles, including parent companies and affiliates


How much
is there?

Quantify the amount of textile resources by weight, and break it down by specific characteristics



Define what activities are taking place with the textiles, how they change, and where they go

Answers transform

Economically viable and climate neutral solutions to the biggest textile challenges are only possible with the right data

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