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The Reuse List

About this List

We talk about reuse a lot, because it's so important. Therefore, we wanted to share with you the places we love, our friends love, or that have made it to our wish list to check out in the future.

Disclaimer: Some of these companies we know personally and work with regularly. Others we don't. We make no guarantees about the quality of items, prices, practices or other activities the companies and organizations on this list are engaged in. We do not receive compensation for putting listings here.

Shops + markets


Sõbralt-Sõbrale - Keila

  • Why here? It is easy to find something nice, the store is arranged well and the price is good.

Riideäri - Kiisa

  • Why here? A friendly place for Kiisa locals to find interesting new (to them) items.

Teine Võimalus - Lääne-Harju

  • Why here? They bring goods from across Europe into their shop in Paldiski.

Kotzebue Humana - Tallinn

  • Why here? Great stuff, nice vibe, cool neighborhood. This is a popular place to find vintage stuff in the Teleskivi neighborhood.

Liivalaia Uuskasutuskeskus - Tallinn

  • Why here? This place has a good selection of items in a store that is set up well and fun to shop in.

Paavli Kaltsukas - Tallinn

  • Why here? This is a big place with lots of things to look through, and the clothing is in good condition.

Pika Pika - Tallinn

  • Why here? Easy to find high quality brands, especially for outdoor clothing.

Punane Ristik (Red Cross) - Tallinn

  • Why here? Good tableware finds!

RiiSaikel EluStiilipood Tatari - Tallinn

  • Why here? The in-store team is very friendly, the atmosphere is great and the selection is stylish and interesting.


Ij Hallen  - Amsterdam

  • Why here? This is the biggest flea market in Europe with tons of clothes and loads of other interesting and weird stuff, too. Definitely something to experience.

Het Goed - Rotterdam

  • Why here? This organization provides jobs for people with distance to the labor market, and they are active in the textile to textile recycling chain in the Netherlands.

Swap Shop - Pop-up Events, store in Amsterdam

  • Why here? They give store credit for dropping off items, and better quality = more credit! The events are fun, and they actively measure their environmental impact.

WEAR - Rotterdam

  • Why here? They source their product from Dutch sorters and also provides circular jobs for local people with distance to the labor market.

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