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Event: Data Flow for Circular Textiles

Updated: Feb 16

A successful transition to circular textiles requires optimized materials flows and processes across all actors in the chain. With this in mind, TEXroad has been collaborating with the Dutch consortium TexPlus and Estonian partners Saku, Lääne-Harju, and Humana Estonia to create the data flows needed to make the transition happen.

Together we have developed a universal measurement system that provides critical, comparable textile flow figures for municipalities, collectors and sorters, and downstream partners. This makes it easier for them to work together to identify and resolve issues within the reverse textile supply chain and make decisions based on evidence instead of assumptions.

When the right data flows, the impact of actions can be measured, and it is much easier to identify and scale viable solutions. This data is also useful for a range of needs, reducing the amount of time companies spend on data entry in various systems. It supports transparency, EPR monitoring, statistics and metrics generation, etc.

On 21 February, 2024, we will share best practices for data collection developed with our Estonian partners and the first results from our Dutch Data Flow work together with TexPlus. For in-person attendees, this will be followed by a workshop focused on data needs for municipalities and improving the textile collection infrastructure.

If you are outside the Netherlands, we invite you to join us online.


Online + In Person

13:30 - Welcome, introduction, and scope of work

13:45 - Estonian case studies and best practices

14:00 - TexPlus and Dutch Data Flow results

14:30 - Q&A

In Person Only

14:45 - Workshop and next steps

15:45 - Close session and coffee


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