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4 Tips to Ace Spring Cleaning Your Closet

With spring just around the corner, many people want to leave the dark winter months behind and have a fresh start for the spring and summer. This often includes a thorough cleaning out of our closets, leaving a lot of unwanted clothes and the desire for new ones. To start the sunny seasons off right, we want to share 4 ways to get that fresh start without having to buy new clothes.

As you may remember, towards the end of last year we already shared some tips on how to prolong the life of your clothes and a lot of those tips apply to your closet spring cleaning, too! So let’s go through some of them.


Upcycling is specifically a good idea if you have items where you still love the fabric or the color but the cut might not be the right fit for you anymore. That way your fluffy jacket could become your new favorite pillow case or your plain T-shirt a beautiful little pouch or headband. If you have an item in mind but need ideas what to do with it, you can find plenty of inspiration and instructional videos on platforms like YouTube.


If an item is broken, give it a second look. Is it really beyond repair? If so, check for the textile collection guidelines for non-reusable items on your municipality’s website or the website of your local textile collector or waste management company.

But if there is still hope, it is worth repairing the item instead if throwing it away. There are many manuals available online for small fixes like sewing back on a button or, if you’re not into handy work, there is most likely a tailor close by who can repair the item for you. Although it can seem odd to invest more money into something that is broken, it can often still be cheaper than buying new and has positive effects for the environment. Every textile that doesn’t end up as waste counts!


If you have clothes that seem perfectly fine but just don’t fit your size or style anymore, donating is always a good option. Often, you can either do so directly over the counter at your local thrift shop or you can throw them into the closest donation bin in your area. Make sure to check the rules for donating beforehand and remember the basics: dry and clean!

Swap parties

One of the most fun ways to get rid of old clothes and getting new ones without actually buying anything new are probably swap parties. In some cities they already exist as recurring public events which you can find by simply googling “clothing swap” plus the city you live in. But of course you can also organize them yourself for your family and friends. The rules are up to you, but the basic principle is you bring one item, you take one item.


There is almost always a better option than just throwing clothing and household textiles into the waste bin. Try one of these easy tips for a sustainable spring closet cleaning!


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