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Circular Textile Data Flows

Projects and digital platforms describe the same information in different ways, locking data in silos and reinventing the wheel. If we all spoke the same language right now, we could progress faster and access critical data in real time. 


  • Enable the flow of comparable textile data before international standards are available

  • Apply data, statistics and metrics in business and policy making contexts

  • Co-develop and release open access data standard

  • Design and execute pilots to define B2B and B2G data exchange relationships


  • Projects and platforms save time using a standardised data format and values
  • International data standards are easily adopted when they become available
  • Partners get extra support for their own projects with one-on-one sessions 
  • Working groups share knowledge and define key data exchange applications
  • Comparable data sets, statistics, and metrics are available to partners and participating regions
  • Add partner data formats and values to TEXroad Library
  • Support partners using standardised data for their individual needs
  • Launch collaborative working groups
  • Plan and execute pilots
  • Develop and release circular textile statistics and metrics
  • Update and release open access TEXroad Data Standard v1
  • Launch TEXroad Data Exchange Network
  • Open access data standard and model for circular textiles

  • Comparable circular textile statistics and metrics for participating regions 

  • Launch of TEXroad Data Exchange Network with committed founding members

  • Ongoing flow of data through existing platforms to generate circular textile statistics and metrics in near real-time



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